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Spring festival is a time of celebration and family gathering, but this year, it was filled with disparity, isolation and loss.  Wuhan was suddenly known for the outbreak of Nobel Coronavirus, a newly infectious disease spreading in the River Hang Region at a fatal rate. Huang-gang, a rural city next to Wuhan, immediately suffered shortages in medical assistance and supplies.  Every moment, people’s lives were descending into the darkest hours without any sign of relief.  However, in the time of crisis, we felt even stronger towards each other with compassion and humanity through our shared linage and priorities.


 “This maybe a one-way journey, but it won’t change my mind”; “Mommy, please don’t leave me…”; “Please promise me you will return back to us, safely…”;” son, we will be right here waiting…”  These words were exchanged before they left home reporting to duty , they left knowing this is an uphill battle and they may never see their families again…They gave infinite hope to their patients but some will never return...  Endless line of the sick and countless hours of work infiltrated their hands with sweat and their eyes with bloodshot; lack of protective suites and scarce moments to rest left them wearing diapers and sleeping on the ground.  Their skills were called on as medical professionals, but their spirit of giving is like decanting angles who brings us everlasting console and hope.


 There may be many mountains and rivers between us, but we share the same linage in humanity, courage, love and compassion.  “Love from Seattle” would like to ask you to lend a helpful hand with a financial contribution to provide relief of supplies and adequate needs to the tireless medical teams at the frontline.   Together, we can turn the devastating winter into the land of spring. 


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Together, we can turn the devastating winter into the land of spring.

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