“Love from Seattle”

Spring festival is a time of celebration and family gathering, but this year, it was filled with disparity, isolation and loss.  Wuhan was suddenly known for the outbreak of Nobel Coronavirus, a newly infectious disease spreading in the River Hang Region at a fatal rate. Huang-gang, a rural city next to Wuhan, immediately suffered shortages in medical assistance and supplies  

There may be many mountains and oceans between us, but we share the same linage in humanity, courage, love and compassion.  AAPAT Coronavirus Relief Fund “Love from Seattle” would like to ask you to lend a helping hand with a financial contribution to provide relief of supplies and adequate needs to the tireless medical teams at the frontline.  

The American Asian Performing Arts Theatre is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.  EIN# 84-1709790.  There are numerous ways for you to donate to the AAPAT Coronavirus Relief Fund “Love from Seattle”.  And if your Company offers Corporate Matching, please provide Company Name and Matching $Amount.  Your donation is Tax-Deductible. 

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The American Asian Performing Arts Theatre (AAPAT) was created after sevens years of recovery, with goals to expand and exchange arts and culture between America and China. It evolved from the Asian Performing Arts Theatre, which was founded in 1993. A number of excellent young dancers, led and trained by Li Hengda, created this first professional Chinese performing arts organization established in Seattle. 

Hengda Li

Hengda LI

- Artistic Director of AAPAT

- Principal of Hengda

- Dance Academy Director of Seattle Huaxing Arts Group