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American Asian Performing Arts Theater

The American Asian Performing Arts Theatre (AAPAT) was created after sevens years of recovery, with goals to expand and exchange arts and culture between America and China. It evolved from the Asian Performing Arts Theatre, which was founded in 1993. A number of excellent young dancers, led and trained by Li Hengda, created this first professional Chinese performing arts organization established in Seattle.
Today, AAPAT’s mission is to promote the unique––yet, universal––appeal of all Chinese arts and culture, expressed through the performing arts.
AAPAT is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides quality theatre experiences throughout the United States, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, AAPAT members have also collaborated and performed with various art groups in their free time, traveling across the US and internationally to Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.
With the support of the state, county and city art commissions, as well as local businesses, community leaders and individuals, AAPAT has successfully produced a number of large-scale professional shows, including the well-known
“China in Dance” series. The organization has also participated in many ethnic and charity performances and festivals; AAPAT’s work is integral to the international community and beyond.
By supporting the training and education of performers in the prestigious arts of Chinese dance and music, and providing opportunities to demonstrate and improve their skills by participating in professional show productions, AAPAT is able to achieve its mission.
Please support the American Asian Performance Arts Theatre in promoting the exchange of Chinese art and culture in the US and beyond.
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Artistic director


Hengda Li, Artistic Director of AAPAT

 Hengda Li founded American Asian Performing Arts Theatre and Hengda Dance Academy in 1993. Since then, Hengda has devoted his time to the education and encouragement of Chinese arts and culture in the United States. Through his work with the Academy and nonprofit arts exchange AAPAT, Hengda has created and directed 34 large-scale dance productions, and several acrobatic productions as well. Recent works include The Butterfly Lovers, The Dream of the Golden Clown and Panda!, the first Chinese production to ever achieve residency in Las Vegas.

Prior to starting his own companies, Hengda spent six years as a principal soloist dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet. He is frequently invited to judge international dance competitions, including on the top-rated TV show So You Think You Can Dance in China in 2014. Hengda has received many grants, fellowships and awards for his innovative work and contributions to the performing arts. Most recently, in 2018, Hengda was awarded the UNESCO Excellence in Dance Arts Awards and deemed a Master of his craft.

Hengda holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington and also serves as a guest professor at his alma mater, Beijing Dance Academy, China’s top institution of higher dance education. Hengda is recognized as a National Premier Dancer in China.Hengda is currently also a guest professor at his alma mater, Beijing Dance Academy, China’s top institution of higher dance education. Hengda is recognized as a National Premier Dancer in China.